Jordan Reed


Jordan Reed (born July 3, 1990) is a former American football tight end (TE) who played eight seasons in the National Football League (NFL) and played college football at the University of Florida.


He was considered to be among the best at his position before multiple injuries led to him to retirement in 2020, as he then segwayed into an immediate transition into the world of entrepreneurship and philanthropy.


Jordan Reed has numerous, cross-sector entrepreneurial interests, endeavors and partnerships (e.g. retail, licensing, real estate), including his most recent collaboration in the medicinal and recreational cannabis industry alongside consummate entrepreneur and fellow NFL alumni, Dominique Easley.

Together, Jordan and Dominique seek to serve as Change Ambassadors for the cannabis industry, presently hindered in its potential for exponential growth due to, in their view, two primary factors:


i) A startling lack of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)-oriented opportunity for minority populations from all walks of life to benefit from and lend their thought leadership to this otherwise booming industry; and…

ii) Current ‘Schedule 1’ indexing by the US Federal Government which ensures marijuana (presently on par with heroin as a narcotic) cannot be fully researched in its applicability to both treat pain and in its preventative potential unless this labelling is rectified.


Jordan Reed remains open to future international collaborations and can be reached at [email protected]

Tight-End • National Football League •
2013 - 2020

Tight End (TE)
University of florida
2009 - 2012